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Solutions Overview

What we offer

Cidana's technologies enable an engaging and immersive multimedia experience for mobile devices, delivering on the needs of both End-Users and OEM Customers.

Lifestyles have changed dramatically with the information age. Multimedia - Image, Video, and Voice have superceded traditional text delivery. Cidana focuses on developing embedded multimedia software for innovative lifestyle electronic devices. Cidana's customers do not need to be concerned about network, formats, platforms, codec, operating systems, or any multimedia technology. They can enjoy content instead.

Our Product Lines:

  • Multimedia Playback: Provide high quality robust playback for popular media files.
  • Digital TV: Support for world-wide DTV standards .
  • Digital Radio: Support for common Digital Radio standards.
  • Software Codecs: Efficient demuxes, decoders, and encoders for audio, voice, video, images.
  • Streaming Media: Provide smooth playback under varying network conditions.
  • Automotive: Multimedia Playback, Digital Radio/TV, Media/Device databases for in vehicle infotainment.
  • Audio Center: Complete solutions for Audio processing and mixing.
  • Easy Connect: seamless multimedia experience among different 4C (Computer, Communication, Consumer Electronics, Car) devices.
  • FIDO: Deploy FIDO technology to automotive market.
  • RSE: Support synchronous A/V playback among WiFi connected devices in the car.

Application Processor Support:

  • • Cidana provides optimized solutions for many common platforms, including ARM, MIPS, and x86 based devices.

Multiple OS Support:

  • • Android
  • • Linux
  • • Qnx
  • • OS21
  • • iOS
  • • Windows Mobile, Windows PC

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