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History of CIDANA

Cidana Milestones

Our research and development teams at Cidana include world class engineers who have multiple successes in delivering robust, efficient, error resilient multimedia solutions since 1990, tracing a lineage from the earliest JPEG and MPEG-1 standards to the current H.264 and AAC+ solutions. Our extensive experience becomes your asset, delivering and customizing the highest quality, most cost effective multimedia solutions.


  • June2018

    Demoed SyncPlayer at CES Asia 2018.
  • April2018

    Cidana launches a new generation of vehicle audio-visual platform with partners.
  • March2018

    Cidana introduces ISDB-T 1seg solution for QNX platform.
  • January2018

    Cidana launches multimedia playback solution based on Renesas's new automotive platform.


  • June2017

    Demoed FIDO at CES Asia 2017.
  • May2017

    Cooperate with customer to deploy AVB.


  • July2016

    Shipped H.265 solution.
  • June2016

    Cidana DTMB player passed CESI certification.
  • January2016

    Shipped over 1 million DTV players for Android phones in Thailand.


  • July2015

    Offered AVS+ software decoder for DTMB.
  • June2015

    Shipped Audio Media engine for automotive with iPod support.


  • March2014

    Shipped Media Player for Chinese tier one IVI manufacturer.


  • March2013

    Shipped HD ISDBT Full-seg player in Japan.


  • November2012

    Shipped HD DTV Player on Android device.


  • September2011

    Shipped Japan ISDBT 1-Seg Player on Android Phone and Tablet.
  • July2011

    Shipped Digital Radio solution to Tier-1 European AVN Manufacturer.


  • June2010

    Shipped DTV solution for iOS.
  • April2010

    Launches multimedia solution for Android.
  • January2010

    Launches SBTVD HD Playback for Brazil.
    Shipping DTV Playback SDK for iPhone(TM).


  • December2009

    Shipping ISDB-T 1-Seg for Japan and Brazil.
  • July2009

    Cortex optimized codecs offered.


  • September2008

    Shipping CMMB PC Production.
  • July2008

    Cortex optimized codecs offered.
    Shipping Argos TDMB.
    Shipping Beijing Broadcast TDMB.
    Shipping Hangzhou TDMB.
    Shipping CMMB Samsung.
  • May2008

    Shipping AvMap DVB-T.
  • March2008

    Secures design wins for PMP.
    Shipping ZTE Linux Smartphone.


  • November2007

    Aggressive pursuit to develop CMMB technology.
  • October2007

    Secures design wins for DVB-T.
  • September2007

    Secures design wins for TDMB, DVB-H and 1-Seg.
  • June2007

    Cidana establishes a subsidiary office in Hong Kong.
  • May2007

    Cidana signs IP agreement and partnership with Corel.
    Cidana closes first round financing.
  • April2007

    Cidana sets up office in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.
    Cidana sets up subsidiary office in Palo Alto, United States.
    Cidana sets up subsidiary office in Shanghai, China.
    Cidana begins first round financing.
  • March2007

    Cidana's founding team is assembled with the goal of developing the highest quality multimedia solutions
    for handheld devices.

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