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   Product and Build Engineer
Product and Build Engineer
电子邮箱: hr-shanghai@cidana.com
发布日期: 2008-09-18 工作地点: 上海市
招聘人数: 3 工作年限: 三年以上
外语要求: 英语 良好 薪水范围: 面议
学    历: 本科 接受简历语言: 中文和英文


Job Description:
You will be responsible for product and build engineering at Cidana, an international multimedia software company located in Pudong, Shanghai. The work will primarily be using the internal and third-party installer development tools (Installshield or Installaware) to develop MSI-based and Linux installer. In addition, you will also be responsible for the maintenance of a continuous integration system used for automating the production of software deliverables. This will be an excellent opportunity to work on next generation multimedia software and the latest in build infra-structure.

Job Responsibilities:
1. Develop and maintain software and SDK product installers
2. Debug and diagnose installer failures
3. Fix installer-related bugs, and implement requested enhancements
4. Troubleshoot build environment issues
5. Add products to a continuous integration build system, develop automated build scripts
6. Maintain scripts used for automating software builds
7. Monitor build server system for product environment stability
8. Investigate and fix failures in the automated system

1. BS/MS in computer engineering/computer science/electrical engineering
2. 3+ years experience in C++/C and object oriented programming
3. 3+ years experience in DSP, ARM, WMMX, x86 assembly
4. Working knowledge of Windows, Linux, embedded platform development
5. Familiarity with H.264, AVS, VC1/WMV9, MPEG2, MPEG4/H.263, MJPEG video and AVS decoder/encoder algorithms
6. Familiarity with advanced video preprocessing or post processing, signal reconstruction techniques, error resilience, spatial, temporal interpolation, rate control, transcoding, video and image compression
7. Good English communication skills
8. Good teamwork skills






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