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System/Application Engineer
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    Above 1 year
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    Per Experience
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    B.S. or M.S.
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    Chinese, English
Job Description:

At Cidana, you will be an integral part of a team focused on developing software for the latest multimedia broadcast and streaming standards. Target platforms include next generation mobile phones and mobile internet devices. For systems engineers, tasks will include design of advanced multiplexing, demultiplexing, and streaming components. For application engineers, tasks will include the development of multithreaded components, overall application systems, and thin user interface skin technologies. Most engineers will participate in both systems and applications work.

General experience and skills with digital TV, video streaming, video telephony, and multimedia playback are desired. Strong experience and skills in component design, architecture, OS abstraction, multi-threading, and C++ object oriented programming are expected. Part of your responsibilities will be to interact and respond to customer's requests and provide technical reports.


1. BS/MS in computer engineering/computer science/electrical engineering
2. 1+ years experience in C++/C, object orient programming, and COM
3. 1+ years experience in development of DSP, ARM, WMMX, x86 assembly
4. Working knowledge of Linux (Android, iPhone, Ubuntu), Windows 7/XP/Phone/CE/Mobile operating systems desired
5. Working knowledge of mobile digital TV, video streaming or video telephony
6. Familiarity with MPEG1/2 Systems,MPEG4 systems,3GPP,3GPP2 ASF,AVI, RIFF or IP/UDP/RTP multiplexing or demultiplexing
7. Familiarity with SIP, SDP, RTP/RTCP, ESG, EPG, Datacasting, DirectShow, D3D, GStreamer, OpenMAX, OpenGL, OpenCL.
8. Ability to work with very large code projects, with architecture experience
9. Good English communication skills
10. Good teamwork skills

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