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Project Manager
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    Above 5 years
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    Per Experience
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    Chinese, English
Job Description:

1. Responsible for communication with customers, project meetings, crisis management, customer relationship maintenance and contract management;
2. Participate in demand exchanges, conduct requirements analysis, and write corresponding software requirements documents;
3. Coordinating resources to solve problems and requirements occurring during project implementation;
4. Statistics, analysis and feedback on the quality, progress and other information of the project, summarizing the overall situation report of the project, tracking, guiding and early warning of project implementation;
5. Responsible for the maintenance of customer relationship in the project process;
6. Participate in special reviews of various product software to help solve important issues in production and aftermarket technical support.


1. Bachelor degree or above, communications/computer related professional background, English level 4 or above;
2. More than 5 years of project management experience, with multi-project collaborative management experience, and better software development experience;
3. Workers who have been engaged in the development and management of similar multimedia are preferred;
4. Strong professionalism, serious and responsible work, outstanding communication and coordination skills, and strong learning ability.

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