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Audio Codec Engineer
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    Above 3 years
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    Per Experience
  • Education:
    B.S. or M.S.
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    Chinese, English
Job Description:

At Cidana, you will be responsible for developing, porting and optimizing audio and speech codec components (AAC+, AMR-WB+, BSAC, MPEG1/MPEG2, WMA, AMR, G.723.1, QCELP) used in Cidana's multimedia player, streaming player, and mobile DTV applications across all CPU and OS platforms. Support for NEON/ARM11/9 and Windows/Linux is required. Initially, your focus will be on the decoding component, but later you will be developing the corresponding encoding component as well. Part of your responsibilities will be to interact and respond to our customer's requests and provide periodic technical reports. Interaction with other members of the audio codec group, as well as Cidana's other development groups (video codec group, systems/applications groups) is extremely important and expected. You will be reporting to the audio codec manager.


1. BS/MS in computer engineering/computer science/electrical engineering
2. 3+ years of experience in C++/C and object oriented programming
3. 3+ years of experience in DSP, ARM, NEON, SSE/WMMX, x86 assembly
4. Working knowledge of Windows, Linux, embedded platform development
5. Familiarity with AAC+, AMR-WB+, BSAC, MPEG1/MPEG2 audio, WMA, AMR, G.723.1 or QCELP decoder/encoder algorithms
6. Familiarity with pitch-period analysis and recovery, frequency conversion, audio synthesis, psychoacoustic masking and distortion
7. Good English communication skills
8. Good teamwork skills

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