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Our research and development teams at Cidana include world class engineers who have multiple successes in delivering robust, efficient, error resilient multimedia solutions since 1990, tracing a lineage from the earliest JPEG and MPEG-1 standards to the current H.264 and AAC+ solutions.  Our extensive experience becomes your asset, delivering and customizing the highest quality, most cost effective multimedia solutions.

Cidana Milestones:

June 2017
  • Demoed FIDO at CES Asia 2017
May 2017
  • Cooperate with customer to deploy AVB
July 2016
  • Shipped H.265 solution
June 2016
  • Cidana DTMB player passed CESI certification
January 2016
  • Shipped over 1 miilion DTV players for Android phones in Thailand
July 2015
  • Offered AVS+ software decoder for DTMB
June 2015
  • Shipped Audio Media engine for automotive with iPod support
March 2014
  • Shipped Media Player for Chinese tier one IVI manufacturer
March 2013
  • Shipped HD ISDBT Full-seg player in Japan
November 2012
  • Shipped HD DTV Player on Android device
September 2011
  • Shipped Japan ISDBT 1-Seg Player on Android Phone and Tablet
July 2011
  • Shipped Digital Radio solution to Tier-1 European AVN Manufacturer
June 2010
  • Shipped DTV solution for iOS
April 2010
  • Launches multimedia solution for Android
January 2010
  • Launches SBTVD HD Playback for Brazil
January 2010
  • Shipping DTV Playback SDK for iPhone(TM)
December 2009
  • Shipping ISDB-T 1-Seg for Japan and Brazil
July 2009
  • Cortex optimized codecs offered
September 2008
  • Shipping CMMB PC Production
July 2008
  • Shipping Argos TDMB
  • Shipping Beijing Broadcast TDMB
  • Shipping Hangzhou TDMB
  • Shipping CMMB Samsung
May 2008
  • Shipping AvMap DVB-T
March 2008
  • Secures design wins for PMP
  • Shipping ZTE Linux Smartphone
November 2007
  • Aggressive pursuit to develop CMMB technology
October 2007
  • Secures design wins for DVB-T
September 2007
  • Secures design wins for TDMB, DVB-H and 1-Seg
June 2007
  • Cidana establishes a subsidiary office in Hong Kong.
May 2007
  • Cidana signs IP agreement and partnership with Corel. Cidana closes first round financing.
April 2007
  • Cidana sets up office in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. 
  • Cidana sets up subsidiary office in Palo Alto, United States.  Cidana sets up subsidiary office in Shanghai, China.
  • Cidana begins first round financing.
March 2007
  • Cidana's founding team is assembled with the goal of developing the highest quality multimedia solutions for handheld devices







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